European Register of Tax Advisers

What is the register?

More and more, firms are preparing international projects or developing multi-national initiatives that require legal expert and tax advise, not only from their home countries but from other European countries as well. Today internet is the perfect tool to respond to these requirements and to make these initiatives become reality, with its simplicity, search capability and the new information it can provide. Using the most advanced web-based technology, the CFE has developed the European Register of Tax Advisers which fulfils the requirement of every person, professional or not, in search for a qualified Tax Adviser.

Why should you register?

As you are a member of one of CFEs Member Organisations and as you fulfil the requirements of the CFE Code of Conduct, you figure amongst the most qualified Tax Advisers in Europe. Therefore one advantage of the register is that it contains only data of colleagues, who meet the same requirements on qualifications.

But certainly there are more benefits:

As it is an on-line search engine potential clients from all over the world can use it to search for a Tax Adviser with the right skills. They can search by name, region, language skills or specialisations. If you are, for example, an expert in transfer pricing in Spain and have English as your mother tongue, you can promote these extraordinary qualifications via the register and get new clients.

How can you register?

Please create an account, fill in your contact information, language skills as well as specialisations, and activate the account by clicking on the link in the email you will receive. Your member organisation will contact you. Considering the above described benefits, the registration fee is very low. The initial fee is 100€ and the yearly fee thereafter is 50€ to be paid.