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CFE Opinion Statement FC 09/2017 on the European Commission Proposals on the way towards a single European VAT area

The CFE has today published an Opinion Statement on the European Commission proposals published on 4 October 2017, seeking to follow up on the Action Plan on VAT towards a single EU VAT area - time to act.

The Opinion Statement examines the proposed cornerstones of the definitive VAT system and the introduction of the concept of a Certified Taxable Person. it also includes comments on the proposed "quick fixes". 


We invite you to read the Opinion Statement, available on the CFE Website.


142 CFE Fiscal Committee Meeting 30 January 2018




30 January, 2018 - 09:00 to 16:45

The 142nd CFE Fiscal Committee will take place at 

                                                           Business Europe,

                                   Avenue de Cortenbergh 168, 1000 Brussels


                                   Tuesday 30 January from 9:00 until 16:45


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GTACF Opinion Statement PAC 1/2018 on the OECD Consultation on Mandatory Disclosure Rules

On behalf of the Global Tax Advisers’ Cooperation Forum (GTACF), the CFE has published an Opinion Statement PAC 1/2018 in response to the OECD consultation draft regarding new tax rules requiring disclosure of Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) avoidance arrangements and offshore structures.

The Global Tax Advisers’ Cooperation Forum (GTACF) was established by the CFE Tax Advisers Europe, the Asia-Oceania Tax Consultants Association (AOTCA) and the West African Union of Tax Institutes (WAUTI).


CFE Opinion Statement FC 10/2017 - Position Paper on the EU Public Consultation on the Fair Taxation of the Digital Economy

This Opinion Statement by the CFE Fiscal Committee is in response to EU public consultation on the fair taxation of the digital economy.  


The CFE believes that the EU should focus its attention on internationally agreed long-term solutions and that short-term or unilateral action is not the best way forward and any European proposals prior to the publication of the interim OECD Report on the Tax Challenges of the Digital Economy would be premature.