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Tax Top 5 - Round up of EU tax policy news - 20 March 2017

To catch up on the main developments regarding EU tax policy this week, please follow the link below. 

This week's edition looks at the following topics:

ECOFIN Council Meeting to discuss generalised reverse charge in VAT

European Commission announced anonymous whistleblower instrument

Germany published Administrative Practice on Profit Attribution to Permanent Establishments

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Tax Top 5 - Round up of tax policy news - 6 March 2017

  1. For a round up of all the latest EU tax policy news follow the link below to the CFE Tax Top 5. This week's edition discusses the following developments:
  3. European Parliament votes to amend the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive (“AMLD”)
  4. ECJ Advocate General's Opinion published in the VAT case Compass Contract Services (Case C-38/16)
  5. European Commission launches public consultation on the functioning of the administrative cooperation and fight against fraud in the field of VAT


CFE Tax Top 5 - Round up of EU tax policy news 13 March 2017

Please see the link below for a brief discussion of the main events whcih happened in the world of tax policy this week!

This week's edition looks at the following developments:

European Economic and Social Committee supports Double Taxation Dispute Resolution proposal

Reference for preliminary ruling on the interpretation of ‘beneficial owner’ in context of the EU Interest and Royalties Directive

European Commission appoints new Director for Indirect Taxation and Tax Administration