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CFE Opinion Statement FC 3/2017 on the proposed Directives for the introduction of a Common Corporate Tax Base & Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base

Please see link below for the Opinion Statement of the CFE Fiscal Committee, on the proposals published by the EU Commission in October 2016 re-launching the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (the “Proposals”). The Proposals envisage the implementation of two Council Directives, the first introducing a common corporate tax base (“2CTB”) and the subsequent directive implementing the consolidation element (“3CTB”).


CFE Tax Top 5 - Round-up of EU & International tax policy news - 22 May

In order to help you keep informed of recent EU & international tax policy developments , please see below the “CFE’s Tax Top 5” for a summary of the main developments this week, and in particular the decision of the ECJ on a taxpayer’s right to challenge a tax information exchange order.

This week’s edition looks at the following: 


EU and Tax Policy Report

CFE’s EU and Tax Policy Report is a ​round-up of key tax and other policy issues at EU level of interest to the European tax advisers. It also provides an overview of selected CJEU case-law and relevant European Commission decisions covering the period January through May 2017. 


You can access the publication on the link below.