Opinion Statements

CFE Opinion Statement FC 09/2017 on the European Commission Proposals on the way towards a single European VAT area

The CFE has today published an Opinion Statement on the European Commission proposals published on 4 October 2017, seeking to follow up on the Action Plan on VAT towards a single EU VAT area - time to act.

The Opinion Statement examines the proposed cornerstones of the definitive VAT system and the introduction of the concept of a Certified Taxable Person. it also includes comments on the proposed "quick fixes". 


We invite you to read the Opinion Statement, available on the CFE Website.


CFE Comments on the European Commission Tax Whistleblowing Questionnaire

The attached letter supplements the CFE response to the European Commission questionnaire on the protection of whistleblowers in the field of tax for Platform on Tax Good Governance of 15 June 2017.

CFE has submitted comments on the European Commission public consultation on whistleblowers and clarified our position with an Opinion Statement PAC 2/2017 of 17 May 2017. Furthermore, for the purposes of the Platform Tax Good Governance, CFE submitted comments on the questionnaire of 15 June 2017, which feed into the European Commission impact assessment on the policy initiative for whistleblowers’ protection.

PDF icon Letter to DG TAXUD - Whistleblowers.pdf417.55 KB


CFE Opinion Statement FC 07/2017 on Tax Certainty

In a time of immense change in the international tax environment, CFE believes that tax certainty must become a priority of policy makers. The following Opinion Statement examines the importance of tax certainty through an analysis of the implications of tax uncertainty and conversely, the benefits of tax certainty.

We invite you to read the Opinion Statement below.