Opinion Statements

CFE Opinion Statement FC 7/2016 on the consequences of the CJEU judgment in case Facet on the right to VAT deduction

This Opinion Statement is dealing with the consequences of the CJEU judgment in joined cases C-536/08 and C-539/08, Facet i.a. on the right to VAT input deduction. It   has been drafted by the CFE Indirect Tax Sub-Committee and submitted to the European Commission in May 2016.




CFE Opinion Statement FC 6/2016 on improving double tax dispute resolution mechanisms

CFE Opinion Statement FC 6/2016 has been drafted by the CFE Fiscal Committee (Direct Tax Sub-Committee) in response to the European Commission´s public consultation on improving double taxation dispute resolution mechanisms. It consists of the answers to the Commission´s electronic questionnaire and a full text statement. Both have been submitted in May 2016. CFE and AOTCA have already commented on this matter in Opinion Statements FC 3/2015 (January 2015) and FC 4f/2016 (April 2016).