Portugal (P)


Associação Portuguesa de Consultores Fiscais


Av. Republica, 6, 7 esq., 1050-191 Lisbon

Direct contact

Tel:+351 213 303 763

About the organisation

President: Francisco Sousa da Câmara, Lisbon

The Portuguese Association of Tax Consultants has been formed in 1997 as a private association for individuals with a common interest and background in taxation. Membership is open to tax professionals who have a university graduation and a qualification as lawyer, statutory auditor and economist. The right to practise tax in Portugal is not regulated and in consequence the title is not protected. The objectives of the Association are to promote the study of taxation and in particular to develop continuing education programs, organising conferences and seminars, and in general to co-operate with any entity interested in taxation. Technical forums and seminars for members in addition to an annual national conference are promoted on a regular basis.

Another major objective of the Association is to submit comments and recommendations on proposed tax legislation in order to improve and simplify tax law. The Association has taken a number of initiatives to inform its members on developments of taxation basically at international level. Conferences on Electronic Commerce, Transfer Pricing, International Tax Planning and Competition and other relevant subjects have been organised both for members and for the business community. Current plans of the Association include the development of a code of ethical standards for its members.